Early on I studied the commercial and advertising field with the Art Instruction School of Minneapolis Minnesota. I am mostly self taught but I also took many college classes in Florida towards a fine arts degree to help me along the way.

The realistic style that I convey has won numerous awards. One was a portrait of my toddler son, done in colored pencil. Another one was a ship rendered in pen and ink.

ink washI was born in the New England area and since the age of three I was creating art by drawing little squiggle lines in my mother's Bible that resembled my favorite tricycle. I called it a “bur-car-byhcle”. (That is how I pronounced it). Now I am drawing absolutely stunning realistic graphite pencils of children and many other different subjects and sceneries. Colored Pencils have taken on a new meaning for me to create art work. I love a variety of different ways of expression and my abilities are still growing by leaps and bounds because I still love to learn. "Thank you God for truly blessing me with this incredible talent. And teaching me the will to keep on with what you entrusted me with. You are so faithful." I plan to do this the rest of my life. The question I ask myself these days is 'why not do what you are the happiest at doing'? leahMy grand children are some of my best characters for the examples used in Kids Moments™. Kids Moments began in thought around December of 2001. I drew a black and white portrait of my grand daughter with just the bright color of her favorite red shoes showing their color, for a gift to my daughter. The idea of a touch of color added to basically a black and white graphite painting started with this painting. Many people love my work, and they are absolutely satisfied with the quality that comes forth. That is why I can offer a quality guarantee for my work. Each painting is created by hand. Check out the testimonies located on www.KidsMoments.com from those who have received their treasure from me.

Besides painting portraits in graphite pencil, oils, acrylics, water color, pastels, and colored pencils, I have some wonderful line art illustrations in pen and ink. For my ink washes the style is free flowing, like you would have in a water color.

My ability to be versatile has brought work such as murals of jet fighters and butterflies, to light houses, and huge beach scenes on walls, to painting large 50 foot scenic backdrops, on panels for drama productions. My ability to capture life like qualities has brought me art commissions from around the world, of animals and humans and landscape settings. Soon, I plan to paint action characters on my grand sons bed room walls of Iron Man, and Spider Man.

The computer has been very powerful tool in helping me create some stunning digital art from photos, using programs like Adobe Photoshop. My knowledge is based in using the Adobe Master Collection CS4 programs like Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, Photo Shop, Indesign, Acrobat, Fireworks and After Effects, to create business card logos, personal cards, banners and other forms of advertisements. Both the Mac and PC computer aids me in my design work and building of web sites. Enclosed below is a list of clickable web sites I have created for you visit:

I live in the Tennessee Valley and from my studio room I am having great success in teaching others my art secrets. This teaching side of me started in 2004 and is ongoing. I love to inspire others in their artistic abilities. Interested in learning about the art classes, or commissioning a piece of art for yourself, give me a call today.